High-quality equipment for fish processing

A traditional fish smoke chamber or fish processing industry needs high-quality equipment to smoke fish and produce fish products. A good smoke chamber, cooking kettle, or complete production line is sufficient, depending on the product and capacity. A fish smoke chamber, for example, needs a purpose-built smoke chamber that meets the requirements for smoking fish. For a fish processing company, and industrial cooking kettle can produce large quantities of fish products, such as fish soups and fish snacks.

Besides the standard machines, we also supply turnkey production and cooking lines for the fish processing industry. We manufacture all machines and production lines in our factory in Asten (NL), and because of our flexible production method, we can effortlessly meet customer-specific requirements. Together with you, we ensure that the machine or production line is perfectly tailored to your situation.

Smoking of fish

The perfect smoking of fish is a real craft. The structure of most fish is generally less firm compared to meat, which makes smoking more difficult. In addition, fish contain a lot of fats. Fats that you want to preserve in the product. Spako’s smoke chambers are designed to meet the needs of traditional fish smokers. Depending on the type of fish you would like to smoke in the chamber, we ensure that the chamber is custom-built. It is also possible to supply chambers with a built-in cooling coil and fish hooks or pins.

Een medewerker laat zien hoe je vis rookt

Boilers and agitators for the fish processing industry

At Spako, you will find a wide range of cooking kettles for craftsmen and the fish processing industry. For fish processing, a double-walled cooking kettle or stirrer is often chosen. The double-wall contains thermal oil, making it possible to make thicker products such as complete meals, soups, sauces, and fish salads. With a stirring kettle, you can easily mix large quantities.

Complete production and cooking lines for fish processing

Optimized processes guarantee quality and productivity at the lowest possible cost price in the modern fish processing industry. Whereas Spako used to be known mainly for standardized machines, we now produce and install complete production and cooking lines. We translate our machines into an efficient production line that is fully tailored to your situation.