High-quality equipment for snack production

Spako and snacks have been lovingly connected for many years. When Jan Bekkers started producing frikandells in Deurne, Spako was the supplier of the boilers. Since then, we have continued to develop our cooking kettles and agitator kettles for the industrial production of snacks. Our kettles can often be found in the factories of traditional and industrial snack producers.

Spako’s standardized cooking kettles and agitators are ideally suited to the production of traditional snacks. Besides the standard machines, we also supply turnkey cooking lines for the professional snack industry. We manufacture all machines and production lines in our factory in Asten (NL), and because of our flexible production method, we can effortlessly meet customer-specific requirements. Together with you, we ensure that the machine or production line is perfectly attuned to your production location.

Boilers and agitators for the snack producer

The basic kettle is single-walled and gives off its heat directly to the water. These kettles are excellent for cooking large quantities in water, such as meat, vegetables, and potatoes. You regularly produce products prone to burning, such as mashed potatoes, goulash, and ragout. Then choose a double-walled kettle. The double-wall is filled with thermal oil so that the products will not burn. In our range, you will find cooking kettles from 100 to 3000 liters.

The industrial agitator kettles have been developed to process and mix large quantities of products and produce meat, fish, and vegetable snacks, croquettes, and croquettes. In our assortment, you will find industrial agitator kettles of 150 to 1000 liters.

Complete production and cooking lines for snack processing

Spako produces and installs complete production lines for the snack industry. Whether it’s meat, fish, or vegetarian snacks. Spako’s complete production lines are ideal for every cooking process. We translate our machines into an efficient production line so that you can produce the most delicious snacks at competitive prices.