High-quality meat processing equipment

A traditional butcher or meat processing industry needs high-quality equipment to produce meat products for sale in their shop or to other parties. Spako has produced cooking kettles, smoke chambers, and complete production lines for the traditional and large-scale production of smoked sausages, hams, or bellies for many years. Besides these meat products, many other applications are possible, such as soups, sauces, and ragouts.

Spako’s standardized cooking kettles and smoke chambers are highly suitable for the traditional butcher’s shop, as the machines are compact and fit into every butcher’s shop. In addition to the standard machines, we also supply turnkey production and cooking lines for the meat processing industry. We produce all machines and production lines in our factory in Asten (NL), and because of our flexible production method, we can effortlessly meet customer-specific requirements. Together with you, we ensure that the machine or production line is perfectly tailored to your situation.

Smoking of meat

In a professional smoke chamber from Spako, you can perfectly color, dry, and smoke traditional meat, fish, and vegan products. Bringing the chamber up to temperature starts the coloring and drying process of the products. You then smoke the products until they acquire a delicious authentic smoky flavor. Our chambers can be used to produce sausages, hams, bellies, smoked meat, and more.

Digesters and agitators for the meat processing industry

In a cooking kettle, you can cook large quantities of meat products in water. For example, you can boil off heads, sausages, and hams. Do you regularly produce products that can burn quickly? Then use a digester or stirring kettle with a double wall. The double wall enables you to create thicker products such as soups, sauces, ragout, and mashed potatoes.

Complete production and cooking lines for meat processing

In the modern meat processing industry, optimized processes guarantee quality and productivity at the lowest possible price. Whereas Spako used to be known mainly for standardized machines, we now produce and install complete production and cooking lines. We translate our machines into an efficient production line that is fully tailored to your situation.