Agitator RWK

Industrial mixing kettles are suitable for working with heavy loads and in humid conditions. Available with capacities from 250 to 1000 liters. A double-walled inner tank is ideal for gas, electric, or steam heating.
The agitator motor is mounted on a bridge over the boiler. A stainless steel mixing arm with Teflon bottom and side scrapers. The kettle has a standard 1½” tap, but larger diameters can be supplied. Ideal for thicker products such as ragouts or sauces.


Gas heating with a stainless steel burner is specially designed for high combustion efficiency and reliability. The burner is mounted in a stainless steel burner street where the heat is indirectly transferred through the double-wall to the product. When you choose electric heating, the boiler is equipped with a classic double wall. The electric heating elements are located in the oil, glycerine, or water bath to transfer heat directly. For service, there is a removable lid on the front of the kettle.

In steam heating, we apply a double wall of laser-welded “Template.” Steam or thermal oil circulates the minimal space between the two stainless steel plates. Not only can a double-wall be used for heating, but also for cooling with circulating water or glycol.


Standard equipped with our microprocessor MC TT a120. Waterproof built-in a separate stainless steel control cabinet. For the manual operation of:

  • the boiler temperature
  • switch-on and process time
  • with gas or electric heating with separate temperature control of the oil in the double-wall in a delta-T manner.

For more automatic operation optional on the touch screen. With memory for 100 programs where you can save the temperature and the speed of the agitator, left / right turn, and possibly the water counter controls. Programs can be stored on a USB stick or via the internet.


The agitator motor is mounted on a bridge over the boiler. With a stainless steel mixing arm with Teflon side and bottom scrapers. The Teflon scrapers are removable for cleaning purposes.
To optimize the mixing, the agitator turns left/right. Standard manually but via the frequency control or the touchscreen automatically. With the frequency control, you can also set the stirring speed.