Combi chamber SPM-70

Spako has been a supplier of equipment for the sausage producer and caterer for many years. Due to the combination of years of experience and the latest techniques, our products are perfectly tailored to the wishes of the modern meat product and meal producer.

Smoke Developers
  1. This new chamber is available with a liquid smoke developer. This means less smoke and less tar resulting in a better product, less and easier cleaning, and better for your customers’ environment and health. The smoke liquid itself is available in various flavors, so you can choose the color and taste to your preference.
  2. Completely new is the Touch Smoke combustion smoke developer. This is built into the door to save space. It works according to a simple principle. A cube of wood is heated on a ceramic plate, and smoke is created. The smoke is produced at a low temperature and is recirculated. When the smoke is used up, we start a new cycle with a new cube.
Design and implementation

Besides the modern design, the chamber is made from durable materials with the latest welding and insulation techniques. Both models are available with fixed wall bars or a wheeled trolley. Without the carriage, the length of the pole is 70 or 80 cm. With the trolley, the length is 10 cm shorter.

The controls

Standard equipped with a classic microprocessor. As an extra a logical product of modern times: a color touch screen, in which many programs are stored: the TP-720″. The user simply selects a program and starts it, after which the controller does the rest and gives a signal when the product is ready.


Standard possibilities with this machine are ripening, drying, smoking, cooking, baking, showering, cleaning, and rinsing. Optional is the so-called “dry-wet bulb system,” which controls the humidity.
When you choose the TP-720 controller, you can connect the machine controller and a P.C., so the processes can be registered.

kombikast spm 70