Cooking kettle DWG 80-150L

By combining years of experience with current techniques and technology, Spako has developed a double-walled cooking kettle for various cooking processes.

Unique series of cooking kettles

The Spako double-walled glycerine kettle is electrically heated, and its indirect heating makes it ideal for cooking soup, goulash, etc. But it is also suitable for cooking products in water, such as sausages, hams, or bellies. The high-quality processing in combination with the simple operation and low purchase costs make this cooker an indispensable partner for butcheries, gastronomy, mass catering, and catering companies.

The DWG digester is available in 80 and 150 liters.

The thermostatic temperature control of the double-wall also contributes to the convenience. This controls the heating element that is located in the glycerine. Our new models are available as standard, with two fixed wheels and a support leg. The DWGV digester is delivered complete with a plug.

The design of the DWG can be adapted to specific requirements. A DN80 (3″) stainless steel butterfly valve can also be supplied for the standard DN 80 drain valve.

If you make a lot of thick products, then our agitator is worth considering. The powerful motor is located on a raised bridge. This facilitates filling and gives the vapor less direct contact with the motor. The removable stainless steel stirring arm has a Teflon bottom and side scrapers.

Our flexible production method enables us to offer suitable solutions quickly. If you have any further questions or would like a more detailed explanation, we would be happy to discuss this in person.