Cooking kettle RHI 1000-2200L

Spako offers a complete range of cooking, smoking, baking, and mixing equipment to industrial meat products, snacks, and meals. By combining years of experience with the latest techniques and technology, Spako has developed a cooking kettle for the cooking process in the most extensive sense of the word.

Work efficiently

These industrial boilers are made entirely of stainless steel and are fitted as standard with a double-walled lid and water inlet. To work efficiently, the boilers are suitable for hoistable baskets. Depending on the content, they have a capacity for 1, 2, or 3 baskets. The standard basket is ideal for cooking meat pieces, but special versions are also for potatoes, vegetables, or pasta products. All baskets can be equipped with a folding bottom.


As standard, the boilers are equipped with our microprocessor MCTT-A120 to control the boiler temperature and with time functions. If required, this can be extended with digital output for process registration. The control system offers many additional features and ease of operation, such as automatic filling, minimum level control, or circulation pump control. Depending on the product type, the outlet can be executed with the standard 1½” outlet or with a stainless steel D.N. 80 or 100 outlets.


The boilers up to 1000 liters can be gas heated with a 5-sided gas box. Together with the highly economical premix control, this ensures low heating costs and reliable operation. All boilers can be equipped for electric or steam heating. Our flexible production method makes it possible to offer suitable solutions in this series.

The boilers can also be fitted with direct electrical bottom heating, extended to a double-walled internal boiler. Steam heating is, of course, genuinely industrial. If you choose this option, you can use a standard bottom heating system, which can be expanded with front and rear heating.