Cooking kettle RHP 500-750L

For decades, Spako has been the trusted supplier for fresh produce specialists and SMEs. We combine our years of experience with the latest technique and technology. Many of our relations have been using Spako equipment for years to their complete satisfaction.

Unique series of cooking kettles

This series of rectangular boilers, ranging from 500 to 750 liters, is stainless steel. The boiler can be designed for gas (RHP..G), electric (RHP….E), or steam heating (RHP….S).

The boilers with a capacity of 500 and 750 liters are intended for production companies. Professionally designed with a double-walled insulated lid and a good thermostat. The standard boil-dry protection prevents damage. The lid hinges at 70 or 90 degrees. This makes the kettles suitable for working with baskets. Easy and health and safety loading and unloading. The baskets with a fixed bottom or are foldable if you want to unload from below.

The basic kettle is single-walled and transfers heat directly to the water. Excellent for boiling off heads, hams, or sausages. The kettle is not only for sausage making but is also suitable for other applications such as cooking pasta, rice, and potatoes. If the product burns easily, for example, a homemade soup, the double-wall is a godsend. The kettle will have a double wall filled with oil. With the MC TT120, you can control the temperature of both the kettle and the oil. Cooking is gradual, and the products will not burn. Within the standard sizes, we can adapt the location of the drain valve, thermostat box, and inlet to your production location.