Smoking chamber RK-80

By combining years of experience with the latest technology, Spako has developed a range of smokehouses for coloring, drying, and smoking food. These Spako smokehouses have been successfully used for years in butcher shops, meat-processing companies, farms, and hotels.

Indestructible construction

The door and the inner and outer walls are made of stainless steel and provide energy-saving air insulation.

An adjustable air slider and a smoke discharge valve are built into the door for the air and smoke regulation. Above the moth drawer, an easy-to-clean smoke distributor and the grease collecting plate, both made of stainless steel, are applied. The electric heating is mounted under the smoke distributor. There is a removable condensation collection tray under the discharge in the smokebox, which is very useful.

The smokebox is supplied ready to plugin:
  • Temperature control with mechanical thermostat.
  • Manual burning of the sawdust.
  • Polished stainless steel casing and optional marbled casing.
  • Door hinge optionally on the left or right.
  • Chromed hinges and locks.

Our flexible production method enables us to offer suitable solutions quickly. If you have any questions or need further clarification, we would be happy to explain this in a personal visit.

rookkast rk 80