Traiteur kettle TRK-150

Spako has been a supplier of equipment for sausage producers and caterers for many years. Due to the combination of years of experience and the latest techniques, our products are perfectly tailored to the wishes of modern meat and meal producers.


With the single-walled inner kettle, the electric heating elements are mounted against the bottom for a direct transfer of the heat to the product so that the kettle can be used not only as a boiling kettle but also as a frying and deep-frying kettle. The double-walled kettle has an oil wall and is ideally suited for cooking thicker water-based products such as ragouts, sauces, and bound soups.


The boilers have a bottom-driven stern agitator with Teflon scrapers for the bottom and the wall, which can easily be taken out of the boiler with quick coupling. As an option, you can get an agitator with counter support for even better mixing.


Unique for this format of the kettle is the electric tilting of the kettle in any position you want, for example, to mix better in a “tumble” position and to fill the kettle in an upright position. The tilting height is 70cm for easy pouring into 200L standard containers.

Various extras are available as options for the boiler, such as:

  • A spindle grid through which a “closed lid” can be tilted while the agitator rotates.
  • A water supply with possible control of the number of liters of water to be filled.
  • A reduction of the available electrical heating capacity with a rotary knob, which makes the boiler more suitable for thicker products such as the double-walled version.
  • A control with our latest microprocessor control T.S.: a color touch screen, in which up to 100 programs can be stored, after which a program can be started menu-driven or manually.

Besides the TRK-150, we also supply a smaller format, the TRK-80.

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