Trolley room A.E.

By combining years of experience with the latest technique and technology, Spako has developed a chamber for industrial processing in all the essential processing steps, such as drying, smoking, cooking, baking, coloring, showering, and limited air-conditioning take place in a controlled manner. Suitable for a wheeled trolley of 1x1x2 meters. Capacity for 1, 2, 3, or 4 trolleys in a row.


With the built-in fully automatic microprocessor MCTT-800 (for simple operations) or a 7.20 touch screen with all modern control and recording capabilities. You have storage for 100 programs with 20 steps, which are terminated due to a set core temperature or step duration while controlling the measured room temperature. In addition, you can store the measured and set values via a P.C. The control system is user-friendly and shows the step- and product name during a program, and has an extended registration possible for the HACCP obligations.


No panel construction but a stainless steel inner cabinet that is fully welded. Solid, hygienic, and stable. With a strong fan per wagon for stable air distribution. Sheathed in high-quality insulation materials and sanded stainless steel sheet. Electrically driven valves and a well-insulated door with stainless steel hinges and locks. The fan with stepless speed control.

Special boiling/pasteurizing version and baking version.

  • for the 1 carriage room with our new touch smoke developer
  • combustion smoke
  • friction smoke
  • liquid smoke (this system is also suitable for atomizing color promoter)
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