The perfect smoke chamber for your business

In a professional smokehouse from Spako, you can perfectly color, dry, and smoke traditional meat, fish, and vegan products. Our classic smokehouses, suitable for conventional natural smoke, are equipped with modern conveniences and are extremely easy to use.

The draught in the cabinet is the motor of the system. Fresh air is sucked in at the bottom of the smokebox and heated to dry the products at a constant temperature. Next, the air will leave the cabinet via the chimney. The draught can be regulated at the air inlet and outlet, but the outlet valve is usually used. When the product has the right color, it can be smoked.

Our smoking chambers are available in three basic versions: RK-80, RK-100W, and the RK-100WD. Besides the standard machines, we also supply turnkey production and cooking lines for the food processing industry. We manufacture all machines and production lines in our factory in Asten (NL), and because of our flexible production method, we can effortlessly meet customer-specific requirements. Together with you, we ensure that the smoking cabinet or production line is perfectly attuned to your situation.

Stainless steel smoking chambers

All smoke chambers are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, and that has several advantages. The doors and inner and outer walls are made of stainless steel, ensuring energy-saving air insulation. Our stainless steel smoking cabinets are also easy to clean. Various parts in the cabinet, such as the smoke distributor, fat collection tray, and removable condensation tray, are easier to clean.

Electric smoke cabinets from Spako

Spako smoking cabinets are fitted with electric heating and are fully insulated. Therefore, the temperature in the cabinet can be appropriately regulated, which makes it easier to control the coloring and drying of the food. This naturally has a positive effect on the taste of the products. At the bottom of the cabinet, there is a separate tray where you can manually burn wood. This gives the products from these smokehouses a real authentic smoke flavor.

Besides the classic smoke chambers, we also produce a new generation of electric smoke cabinets. This Kombi cabinet offers the butcher or meat processing industry even more possibilities in coloring, drying, and smoking.

Smokehouses for your butcher shop

A butcher needs high-quality equipment to produce food for sale in the shop. If you want to dry and smoke your meat products, such as smoked sausages, hams, or bellies, you will need a good smoke chamber. Spako’s smoke chambers are ideal for butchers, as they are compact and can be installed in any butcher’s shop. You will also benefit from a simple operating system, and the cabinets are straightforward to clean.

Buy a professional smokebox at Spako

Spako has been a specialist in smokehouses and cooking kettles for over 65 years. Through years of experience and innovation, Spako has developed a unique smoke box for the traditional butcher’s shop and meat processing industry. The machines are produced in our factory in the Netherlands, enabling us to supply custom-made smoke chambers. So are you considering buying a professional smoke chamber? Then please contact Frank. He is happy to help you with all your questions.

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