The perfect cooking-smoking chamber for the food processing industry

A modern cooking-smoking room for the coloring, drying, and smoking of artisanal meat, fish and vegan products. The combination of more than 65 years of experience and the most modern technologies make our Kombikast cooking-smoking chambers perfectly suited to the needs of the contemporary butcher and food and meat processing industry. In addition, all machines are produced in our factory in the Netherlands, which enables us to quickly switch and deliver the best quality.

These cabinets are suitable for:

  • smoking
  • cooking
  • bins
  • pasteurizing

Food processing and handling have never been easier. Our new generation chambers feature a wide range of standard options, such as:

  • Controlling the airspeed (speed control)
  • regulating the temperature and humidity
  • cleaning with pump and built-in shower
  • a simple management system

Available in three different systems

Spako’s cooking smoke chambers are fully electric and are available in three different systems: liquid smoke, combustion smoke, and Touch Smoke.

Liquid smoke

This chamber uses a liquid smoke developer. In practice, this means that less smoke is released. Therefore, this option is highly suitable for companies that operate in areas where you have to take account of odor nuisance, for example.  In addition, no combustion takes place, which means the products are healthier (less harmful substances).

Combustion smoke

This chamber uses combustion smoke and is considered the traditional way of smoking. Smoking food the way we have known it for years. Equipped with all the comforts of coloring, drying, and smoking in a modernized cooking-smoking room.

Touch Smoke

This room is equipped with a unique Touch Smoke system. This technology can only be found in Spako cooking smoke chambers. The smoke production takes place by burning wood on a ceramic plate in the cabinet. The air velocity, temperature, and smoke production can be adjusted via the control system. The result: a deliciously smooth smoke flavor.

Besides the cooking-smoking cabinets, we also produce classic smoking cabinets. These cabinets operate on traditional wood-burning, which gives the food a delicious authentic taste.

The perfect Kombi cabinet for your butcher shop

A butcher needs high-quality equipment to produce food products for sale in the shop. If you want to dry and smoke meat products such as smoked sausages, hams, or bellies yourself, you need an excellent cooking-smoking chamber. Spako’s chambers are ideally suited to butchers’ shops, as they are compact and can be placed in any butchery. In addition, the Kombikast smoking chambers are equipped with a user-friendly control system, and the chambers are very easy to clean.

The specialist in industrial food processing equipment

Spako has been a specialist in smoke cabinets and cooking kettles for over 65 years. Through years of experience in the food processing industry and continuous innovation, Spako has developed a unique cooking smoke chamber. The machines are produced in our factory in the Netherlands, making it possible to supply custom-made chambers. If you have any questions about our machines or you, want to know if we can meet your specific needs. Gerard is happy to help you with all your questions.