• 500-liter grease melter
  • Tailored to the size of fat blocks
  • Constant temperature melting and keeping warm
  • One-of-a-kind grease melter

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A continuous production process with a one-of-a-kind grease melter

Exberry from Mierlo adds color to life with natural colorants for the food and beverage industry. In these fast-moving times where consumer needs change in no time, the need for natural colorants has increased significantly over the last few years.

Exberry’s production process required a fat melter with sufficient production capacity, so they could melt multiple fat blocks and keep them at a constant temperature. We looked at a standard grease melter, but this did not meet the technical requirements of Exberry. With a custom fat melter, we perfectly meet the needs and demands of Exberry. Furthermore, the initial investment of this custom-made grease melter is comparable to the standard grease melter, while a custom-made grease melter fits the production process better.

Exberry is a relation of our parent company Van Bussel Metaaltechniek. The first thoughts for a new machine were quickly put on paper. And through good cooperation, we were once again able to contribute to a more efficient production process.

The challenge

The challenge for this project was the realization of a fat melter that enables Exberry to melt 250 kg of fat simultaneously, so they have a large quantity of melted fat available for the production process. On the one hand, the machine melts large blocks of fat. On the other hand, the machine keeps the fat at a constant temperature. Keeping the fat constant temperature is essential because too high or too low can affect Exberry’s production process. With negative effects like downtime or burnt stock as a result.


From a drawing board to a complete interior

After the first conversations with Exberry and making the assignment concrete, we got in touch with the fat block supplier of Exberry. Input from this supplier was used in the design of the machine. Exberry works with a specific format of grease blocks. The size of the inner tray and the heating plate to melt the blocks are adjusted to this.

The operation of the machine is straightforward. It must melt blocks of fat, and it must be user-friendly for the personnel. During the project, several adjustments were made to make the machine more manageable, such as hinges to open the double-walled plates and a double wall with insulation to limit heat emission at the outer wall of the machine. This has improved the ease of use of the machine and also the safety of the personnel.

With us, customization is customization. We can switch quickly and make the necessary adjustments early on in the process. Want to start a unique project together? Please contact Frank.


A tailor-made grease detector for Exberry

With this customized grease melter, Exberry can melt ten blocks of grease (250 kg) simultaneously. The machine has a capacity for 500 kg of melted fat. Through a double-walled plate and mixer, the melted fat remains at a constant temperature.

The heating of the fat takes place through a double-walled plate that is built halfway into the machine. By connecting to a freestanding hot water unit, the water temperature can be set perfectly so that the double-walled plate in the machine always has a constant temperature. The fat melts gradually without the risk of burning.

The freestanding hot water unit is fully automatic. This means that the water refills itself automatically when there is a shortage of water. It is equipped with a high-temperature safety device and a low-water safety device. This hot water unit can operate without the intervention of Exberry employees. The only thing that needs to be done is to set the temperature of the fat via the control unit on the fat-melting machine.

This machine enables Exberry to melt fat blocks in large quantities safely, so they can keep a stock of melted fat for the production process at all times.