Innovative Cooking Installation for the Food Industry

For a leading client in the food industry, we have developed an advanced cooking installation designed to prepare a variety of products such as vegetables, noodles, rice, and vermicelli. This high-quality cooking kettle, with an impressive gross capacity of 1300 liters, utilizes direct steam injection to optimize the cooking process. The efficiency of this technology ensures that the water is heated to 95 degrees Celsius within just 15 minutes.

A unique feature of this installation is the integrated basket with a fine mesh of 0.2 mm. This design prevents even the smallest products from getting lost in the kettle, making the cooking installation highly suitable for preparing delicate ingredients. Additionally, this fine mesh basket contributes to the easy and thorough cleaning of the machine.


To further optimize the cooking installation, it is equipped with a fat skimming system that removes fat from the water surface, as well as a system that effectively counteracts foam formation. This ensures that the quality of the cooking process remains consistently high, without unwanted interruptions or contamination.

For precision and efficiency, the machine is fitted with load cells that accurately monitor the weight of the product. This ensures consistent product quality and helps with precise dosing. The installation also features a customer-specific cart, which allows the cooked product to be easily discharged into crates or standard containers, contributing to seamless integration into existing logistics processes.


This innovative cooking installation reflects our commitment to delivering custom solutions that meet the highest industry standards and supports our client in achieving maximum efficiency and product quality.

The Challenge

The challenge for this project was cooking a product with a small size. To address this, it was necessary to design a special basket with a minimal mesh size. This basket allows water to pass through but retains the product, ensuring no loss during the cooking process in the machine. This innovative design offers the client significant advantages, including a reduction in cleaning time and less product loss.


The new basket ensures that even the smallest products can be cooked safely and efficiently without falling through the perforations. This means that the client not only saves time on cleaning but also on collecting and processing lost product residues. Additionally, this contributes to a more efficient production process and a higher quality end product.

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