• 750-liter tilting agitator
  • Automatic tipping system
  • Easy cooling and rinsing of products

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An additional agitator for expansion of the production location

Finger food is on the rise, and NewForrest Fingerfood in Wijk Bij Duurstede seamlessly responds to this trend. The needs of the modern consumer have changed rapidly over the last few years. The consumer wants more different flavors and options, choice of meat or vegetarian and health also plays a role. There is a need for healthier varieties of finger food and snacks. With the well-known brands Kwekkeboom and Buitenhuis, NewForrest conquers the finger food and snacks market, both nationally and internationally.

To shape the finger food market in the coming years and continue to grow internationally, the organization is continuously optimizing and expanding the production process. NewForrest is an ambitious production company, and to realize future growth, the need for extra production capacity has arisen. Currently, the organization already uses two Spako agitator boilers, but this is not enough. The organization contacted us to ask if we would like to expand the production facility with an additional 750-liter tilting agitator boiler.

The challenge

NewForrest uses state-of-the-art technologies and equipment. It is essential that the production location is flexible and that they can quickly scale up. Besides their brands, they also supply private labels to leading food retailers. Co-manufacturing is an essential part of the business. All the equipment within the organization needs to be perfectly tuned to this to produce the best quality finger foods at low-cost prices. A 750-liter tilting agitator kettle is, of course, of considerable size. It is up to us to integrate this kettle perfectly into the current production location so that the staff can work efficiently and in a health and safety-friendly manner.

From a drawing board to a complete interior

In the past, we have delivered two boilers to NewForrest. It was, therefore, quickly apparent what the wishes were and what the specific boiler needed to do. Together with NewForrest, we look at how the agitator boiler fits optimally into the current production environment. Installation drawings are made with corresponding connection details, and NewForrest examines whether they can realize this. In this tilting agitator, an automatic system is installed to cool and rinse the product, as is done, for example, with fried rice and noodles. There must be a good discharge system present. Then the technical drawings are made, the equipment is produced and installed on-site.

The revolution in finger foods has begun

To expand the production location, we have added a 750-liter tilting agitator to NewForrest’s machine park. We are taking into account efficiency and ease of use. For example, the kettle can be tilted electrically in any position one desires, making it easy to pour the product into 200-liter standard containers. In addition, the kettle is equipped with the most modern technologies. It has a control system with 100 different programs for optimal production.
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