• 500-liter tilting agitator kettles
  • 400 liters industrial wok
  • Steam-heated boilers
  • Custom made platform

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Professional equipment for Van Smaak

Always healthy and tasty meals at home? Van Smaak makes it possible! Van Smaak produces hot meals, chilled meals, and frozen meals for individuals and care institutions and is active in the north of the country.

Van Smaak was originally a mass catering company and over the years has grown into a fully-fledged production company. They have expanded their range of meals considerably so that customers can continue to enjoy the most delicious dishes. The range of frozen meals includes 140 varied meals, soups, and desserts. Something for everyone!

To optimize the production process and to make more efficient use of resources, Van Smaak started looking for equipment to achieve this. The organization came into contact with us and asked if we could help them with this.

The challenge

Van Smaak’s current cooking kettles have a maximum capacity of 150-200 liters and have become too small for the production company to cook and mix large quantities of foodstuffs for the production of all meals. The organization would like to further upscale production: a higher yield, at lower cost prices, and a more efficient process. In addition, several product-specific requirements apply at Van Smaak, such as a tilting system at a specific height, the ability to place standard trolleys, and a custom-made platform so that staff can work in an arbofriendly manner.

From a drawing board to a complete interior

A visit to the production location and an introductory meeting enables us to quickly gain a picture of the desired situation. We listen to Van Smaak’s wishes and together we look at which equipment is suitable for the specific production location. Installation drawings are made with the corresponding connection details and Van Smaak examines whether they can achieve this. For example, the installation of certain pipelines for gas or electricity. The technical drawings are then made, the equipment is produced and installed on-site.

Custom equipment for Van Smaak

To produce effectively and sufficiently, we have proposed three 500 liter tilting agitator kettles. This took into account the height and the option of using standard trolleys. In terms of energy supply, we opted for steam-heated agitator kettles, as this requires fewer pipes. Only an inlet and an outlet. This was the perfect solution for Van Smaak.

Van Smaak was also looking for a kettle to fry large quantities of meat and vegetables. This is where our industrial wok came in.

The result: an efficient production kitchen at a lower cost where the Van Smaak chefs prepare hundreds of delicious meals for private individuals, supermarkets, and care institutions.

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