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A turnkey cooking line for Van Hessen in Romania

Cooking natural casings and other meat products for the international market. This is where Van Hessen has distinguished itself for many years. In this market, food safety is an important aspect, and consumers worldwide must be able to trust that meat products are safe. To meet food safety and export requirements, natural casings must be cooked at a minimum of 90 degrees for nine minutes.

Van Hessen came to us with whether we could realize a cooking line for cooking natural casings that meet all food safety requirements. In the past, we have supplied several cooking kettles to production locations in Germany, but not yet a complete cooking line. Therefore, a nice challenge for a good relationship used to our high-quality standards was quickly set up.

The challenge

For Van Hessen’s production line in Romania, the cooking process must be fully automated to produce a constant, high-quality end product. The cooking line must also be easy to control and user-friendly for the personnel in Romania. In addition, the designated space in which the cooking line is located is pretty limited. Therefore, the cooking line must fit precisely within the available space on the production site and meet all safety requirements.


From a drawing board to a complete interior

We set to work on a machine design that would fit precisely in the designated space, taking into account the use of the machine so that the staff could function optimally. Based on this design and after approval by Van Hessen, we started with the engineering and production of a complete custom-made cooking line.

We chose a Siemens PLC control system with the software we wrote ourselves to control the cooking line easily. We write the software in-house so that we can optimally anticipate the customer’s needs. Van Hessen wanted a fully automated cooking process with user-friendly controls for the staff in Romania. An additional advantage of the Siemens PLC system is that the parts are available worldwide, which is very handy when the cooking line is in Romania.

We then tested the cooking line in our factory and invited Van Hessen to view and approve the machine. After approval, we transported the cooking line to Romania. The cooking line consists of three different parts that are easy to assemble and install. The personnel in Romania installed, adjusted, and connected the machine in the room independently. The cooking line is ready for use.


A tailor-made cooking line for Van Hessen

We have translated Van Hessen’s wishes into a one-of-a-kind cooking line. The entire cooking process is fully automated, and the personnel in Romania can start the cooking process with their own programmed PLC control program: natural casings are inserted, cooked to a minimum of 90 degrees, and the pasteurized natural casings are tipped forward through a basket and placed in a standard tray via a funnel.

The end product meets the strict food safety requirements and is ready for export to Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Hungary, and other countries worldwide.

From cooking kettle to a unique cooking line in Romania. No challenge is too much for us. Want to start a unique project together? Please contact Frank.

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