The perfect agitator for your business

You can cook, stir, and mix traditional foods in an industrial kettle with an agitator from Spako. Through years of experience and innovation, we have developed a range of agitator kettles for cooking in water and mixing products and meals. You will find our kettles in butcher’s shops, commercial kitchens, and producers of meals, soups, and sauces.

This series of boilers has three models: the TRK, KRWK, and RWK. However, besides these primary machines, we also supply turnkey production and cooking lines for the food processing industry. All machines and production lines are manufactured in our factory in Asten (NL), and because of our flexible production method, we can effortlessly meet customer-specific requirements. Together with you, we ensure that the agitator or production line is perfectly attuned to your situation.

Available in different versions

Single and double-walled boilers

A cooking kettle with a single wall transfers heat directly to the kettle. These boilers are used for cooking products in water, such as pasta, rice, and vegetables. Also, these boilers are used to turn on and fry products. The agitator boilers with a double wall make it possible to produce thicker products. The wall contains thermal oil, which heats the kettle indirectly, thus preventing the products from burning. Our double-wall agitator boilers are available for electric, gas, or steam heating. Please contact Gerard for more information about our agitator boilers.

Agitator boilers TRK

The TRK agitator kettles are compact, flexible, and are available from 80 to 150 liters. These kettles can be found in gastronomy, institutional kitchens, catering companies and are also successfully used to produce snacks, such as croquettes and croquettes. In our assortment, you will find the TRK-80 and TRK-150. The first two variants are standard single-walled and are suitable for turning on, cooking, and boiling.

Agitator boilers KRWK and RWK

The agitator boilers with a capacity of 250 to 1000 liters are intended for medium-sized production companies. The kettles are professionally designed so that personnel can work safely and efficiently with the kettles. Moreover, all components are made of high-quality stainless steel, and the kettles are easy to clean. The KRWK models have a built-in agitator motor underneath the boiler, creating space at the top for filling and emptying the boiler. The RWK has the agitator mounted on a bridge over the boiler. This kettle is very suitable as an industrial mixing kettle for thicker products like ragouts and sauces.

Used cooking kettles with an agitator as new

Preferably, we do not offer used but overhauled digesters with agitator. The agitators that qualify for this are selected in advance by our service staff. If we cannot rebuild them to a reliable and clean condition, the boilers are recycled.

All boilers we offer must be technically sound. That is why we offer reconditioned boilers with general guarantee conditions. Are you curious which used stirring boilers we currently offer? Then visit this page.

The specialist in industrial food processing equipment

Spako has been a specialist in smokehouses, smoke rooms, and cooking kettles for over 65 years. Through years of experience in the food processing industry and continuous innovation, Spako has developed a series of unique cooking kettles with agitators. The kettles are produced in our factory in the Netherlands, enabling us to supply custom-made agitator kettles. If you have any questions about our agitator kettles or you want to know if we can meet your specific needs. Please contact Gerard. He is happy to help you with all your questions.