Industrial wok

By combining years of experience with the latest techniques and technology, Spako has developed a tilting agitator for the cooking and mixing process.

These kettles are equipped with a horizontal driven agitator. They have a wide bowl with a lot of bottom contact with the product. This makes them ideal for searing and stir-frying. The agitator continuously keeps the vegetables or small pieces of meat in motion; the agitator turns left/right. Its speed is adjustable. The kettle tilts at the front, on a fixed pouring point in, for example, a euro container.

The controls

For the standard manual control, we use our microprocessor MC TT a120. This is housed in a separate stainless steel control cabinet with a full foil panel. The MC TT a is provided with special software for the agitator. This allows the following functions to be controlled:

  • boiler temperature
  • time functions

We can offer a color touch screen with software specially written for us with 100 cooking programs at extra cost.