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Flexibility and customization: the basis of the new well line

Pure and honest products, that’s what makes ABZ Anloo different from day one! ABZ Anloo is a wholesale company for the catering industry and a producer of traditional meat products, of which meatballs are one of the specialties. For the production of meatballs and other meat products, the organization uses a well. However, the well of the current machine is so worn that the complete machine needs to be replaced.

To continue producing effectively, without making concessions in terms of ease of use and speed, ABZ Anloo started looking for a new well. The organization came into contact with us and asked if we could help them with this.

The challenge

We were introduced to ABZ Anloo, and by brainstorming together, we found out what the wellijn must comply with. The organization has years of experience with a particular production process, and it’s up to us to see how we can optimally integrate our techniques and equipment into the process. In this specific situation, we concluded that the machine should be a simplified version of the current machine, however easier to use, more modern, and with sufficient speed for the production of larger quantities of meatballs.

From a drawing board to a complete interior

During the first meeting with ABZ Anloo it became clear that the machine must be easy to use. Normally the machine contains a complete system for lifting out the wellijn. ABZ Anloo does not need this and wants a simplified system. This is why we were able to offer a light, refined system, which makes it possible to lift different parts, such as the cap and the belt, separately. We communicate this to ABZ Anloo and they check whether it fits the requirements and above all whether it fits the available budget. We then produce the technical drawings and manufacture and install the equipment. A professional Spako demonstrator tests the device on location and gives a demonstration to the personnel so that they can start working with the device immediately.

A unique machine for ABZ Anloo

Speed and simplicity for an optimal production process. By taking these aspects into account, we can develop a one-of-a-kind well line that seamlessly connects to the needs of ABZ Anloo. We also use a unique heating system that heats the entire belt in the good line more gradually, resulting in a better quality end product.

From boiler to well. No challenge is too much for us. Want to start a unique project together? Please contact Frank.